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Cleaning and maintaining your firearms preserves their functionality while keeping them safe and accurate. 

Cleaning solvents are used to remove residue and fowling in the barrel.  Run a cleaning rod with an attached bronze brush soaked in gun solvent down the barrel and out the muzzle. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes to allow the solvent to dissolve and soften bullet jacket material, lead, and powder fowling.

Run a cleaning patch down the barrel out the chamber end in 1 direction to push out all that gunk.  Do not pull the rod out from the other direction to avoid returning the residue.

Now run solvent-soaked patches down the barrel and out the muzzle end. Replace each time with a clean patch because again, we do no want to return the residue from the patch.

Gun Oil or Grease.  After all of that swabbing and brushing, the barrel now just needs a light coat of rust protection grease, as does the bolt. Use a clean, soft cotton cloth with oil to wipe down all of the metal surfaces of the gun.

Gun Blue is used for touch-ups on the exterior of the firearm’s steel frame.

Cleaning your gun is part of responsible and safe gun handling. As long as you continue to maintain your guns after each use, they will continue to be ready when you need them.