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hs firing pin indicatorhs front barrelhs triggerhs chamber load indicator

The “Point-and-shoot” Polymer Pistol

  • loaded chamber indicator
  • striker status indicator
  • grip safety
  • multiple calibers
  • ultra safety trigger
  • comfort grip

Manufactured by advanced state-of-the-art production processes, the HS Pistol is a mechanically locked, short recoil operated pistol featuring an automatic firing pin, block / drop safety, grip safety, trigger safety and out of battery safety.

Made in Croatia



sub compact
The Sub-Compact

Barrel Length: 3 inch
Caliber: 9mm and .40SW
Weight: 26 oz.
Height: 4.75 inch
Overall Length: 6.25 inch
Capacity: 13rnds (9mm) , 9rnds (40Sw)

sub service
The Service Model

Barrel Length: 4 inch
Caliber: 9mm, .40Sw , .357 Sig, .45ACP
Weight: 28 oz. (9mm), 29 oz. (.40SW), 30 oz. (.45ACP)
Height: 5.5 inch
Overall Length: 7.3 inch
Capacity: 16rnds (9mm) , 12rnds (.357Sig/40SW), 13rnds (.45ACP)

hs ported

Also available in 9mm and 40SW ported barrel.



Barrel Length: 5 inch
Caliber: 9mm, .40Sw , .357 Sig, .45ACP
Weight: 30 oz. (9mm), 32 oz. (.40SW), 32 oz. (.45ACP)
Height: 5.5 inch
Overall Length: 8.3 inch
Capacity: 16rnds (9mm) , 12rnds (.357Sig/40SW), 13rnds (.45ACP)