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Reloading Equipment Proudly Manufactured in America on American Machinery Since 1946

The Boss Reloading Press

The Quality of Cast Iron at The Price of Aluminum!

Here is the press that has all the features reloaders look for.

It’s cast iron construction insures that it will last a lifetime, yet it is priced with light-duty aluminum presses! The BOSS is powerful, remarkably easy to use, and yet sensitive enough to seat primers without crushing them.

Take a look at all the features The BOSS offers and you’ll be convinced…when it comes to “O” Type reloading presses, this one is truly a smart choice.


The Big Boss and Big Boss II Reloading Press

Both the original Big Boss and the new Big Boss II reloading presses have all the desirable features of the “Boss” reloading press, but are built on heavier frames with a 1” diameter ram and longer 3.8” usable ram stroke for reloading the largest magnum cartridges.

The Big Boss II now features the unique Redding “Spent Primer Collection System” used on the T-7 and Ultramag presses. This top of the line single station press has the largest window opening and longest usable ram stroke of any press in its class.

Simply, the only press you will ever need!

T7 Turret Reloading Press

“Cast iron construction, powerful compound linkage and a rigid seven station turret combine to make the Redding T- 7 the best turret press ever!”


The increase in popularity of sub .22 Caliber reloading continues to grow, and Redding responds to market demands by adding a new Lexan drop tube adapter for use with .17 and .20 caliber cartridges. The adapter is a simple friction fit and works with all Redding powder measures and the Redding powder funnel. Not simply a reducer, this adapter is manufactured with an integral chamber engineered and tested to provide smooth powder flow and reduced bridging as the powder flows through the smaller orifice for the .17 and .20 caliber case necks.

For convenient bench-top mounting of Redding Powder Measures. Will also fit all other Powder Measures with 7/8-14  thread mounting. This bench stand is not threaded; it is secured with a lock ring which enables you to rotate the measure to any desired position and permits quick dump of the reservoir.

Redding Introduces Imperial Bio Green Case Lubricant!

Lubricating cases for sizing and forming has always been a petroleum-based effort. Redding now introduces a new plant based sizing lube which is highly effective, completely bio-degradable and totally renewable. Imperial Bio Green Case Lubricant sets a new standard for pad applied resizing lubricants. As hunters are the truly greatest environmentalists our nation has ever known, and as reloaders we are some of the first true recyclers, it is appropriate that we continue to look at ways to improve our hobbies and benefit our environment.

Imperial Bio Green Case Lubricant can be use on any pad type lubricant applicator and provides superior lubrication capabilities. It will not stain your brass and offers easy water cleanup making it perfect for use with ultrasonic case cleaners.

Imperial Dry Neck Lube
For use inside and outside the case neck to reduce drag on
both the die and size button without concern of powder contamination.

Packaged in 1 oz. container

Imperial Sizing Die Wax
For use inside and outside the case neck to reduce drag on both the die and size button without concern of powder
contamination. Packaged in 1 oz. & 2oz. container.

Imperial Application Media

The easy way to apply dry neck lube to case necks.  Simply dip the cartridge case neck into the ceramic media. The media consists of high density ceramic spheres that are pre- charged with Imperial Dry Neck Lube. Can be used with all cartridge cases including 17 cal.

Nearly indestructible, super-tough Lexan™. Fits most cartridge cases from .22 to .45 caliber. Anti-static prevents powder from sticking. 

Not to be used with black powder.


These long tapered expanders (size buttons) are made for expanding the necks of bottleneck cartridges up to the desired size.

Tapered Size Button Only: 

Decapping rod assembly with tapered size button, 

G-RX Base Sizing Die for 40 S&W
The G-RX push thru Base Sizing Die is designed to restore fired cases from 40 S&W autoloading pistols that exhibit a bulge near the base.By passing the case completely through the new G-RX Die,the bulge is removed and the case may be returned to service.

Low Profile, six panel heavy brushed twill cap. Fabric Strap Adjuster with Velcro®, front and rear embroidery.

Color Tan /Dark Green

During the manufacturing process, burrs that can cause erratic ignition are often left inside the case at the flash hole.
Redding now manufactures two different tools for removal of flash hole burrs. Both tools use pilot stops listed below.

The universal tool is for all calibers from .22 thru .338 cal. using standard (.080”) flash holes. This tool controls the cutting depth with a built-in stop that locates on the inside web of the case. A unique feature of this tool is the cross drilled hole for chip relief. Uses standard pilot stops for 3/16” mandrels.

The small tool is for .17 & .20 cal. and cases with small (.060”) flash holes. This tool does not control the cutting depth. The operator must control the cutting depth using the small pilot stops for 9/64” mandrels.