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With extensive research & development and use of modern technologies, their rifles are made to make every shooter better. They have set the industry standard for out-of-the-box accuracy with no-nonsense high performance firearms.  Make it better or don’t make it at all.

The results: modern firearms stripped of pretense and gimmickry, leaving only muscular, no-nonsense engines of performance. Just like the people who use them. They’re purpose-built firearms that come out of the box bristling with special features you won’t find from other manufacturers.

That’s why holding a Savage in your hands is knowing what winning feels like. Whether you use them for recreational or competitive shooting, self-defense or hunting, every inch of our products is designed to give you an edge. What began in 1894, continues stronger than ever today.

So, be proud of owning a Savage Arms rifle and know what it feels to win.