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Do not mistake lead bullets to be hard cast. Hard cast bullets will have a Brinell hardness of #10 to 30 while lead bullets has a Brinell hardness of about # 4. A hard cast bullet will leave less alloy deposits in a rifled barrel while pure lead bullets will leave a barrel fouling resulting to loss in accuracy and poor barrel health.


Advantages of Stronghand Hard Cast bullets:

  • Will not deform on impact
  • Less fouling, “cleaner” barrels
  • Maintain shape
  • Deep penetration
  • Can be further alloyed to be designed for large game




TEFLON is a popular non-stick coating used in most cookware for is non-reactive and sophisticatedly strong bonds that withstand heat and corrosion. Its lubricating feature reduces friction and wear of machineries. It is the foremost advantage of Stronghand’s TEFLON-coated cast bullet to reduce friction in a barrel resulting to less fouling while maintaining shape of head.




Copper gains considerable strength when allowed with elements resulting to a coating that can withstand very high thermal conductivity. Copper coated bullets features high temperature lubricants and also stops the heat treatment in its projectile. This results to an even more “together” hard cast bullet, kept in its shape. Stronghand copper coated bullets are used in Stronghand Shooting Range to prevent emission of heavy metals given off by lead.