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This new German-built Walther MaximaThor repeating compressed air rifle does justice to its name. It produces an impressive muzzle energy of 46 foot-pounds with 5.5 mm or 6.35 mm pellets. The sleek 200-bar air tank includes a built-in pressure indicator and quick-fill opening that provide the capability for multiple shots with a single charge. The MaximaThor has an elegant and durable wood stock and also provides multi-shot capability with the same 8-shot rotary magazine for pellets that the Rotek uses. This powerful rifle features an 11-mm dovetail rail for mounting a telescopic sight.

The gun is built for shooting pleasure and accuracy with a rubber recoil pad, a removable 8-shot rotary metal magazine, and a vibration reduction system. This gun is an amazing airgun system that attracts attention from other airgunners who like its unique look and a great set of advanced features.


Product Group: Air Rifles
Brand: Walther
Caliber: .22 (5.5 mm), .25 (6.35 mm)
Ammo Type: Pellets
FPS w/Lead Pellet: 1000
Stock Material: Wood
Barrel Length: 23.75″
Overall Length: 41.5″
Accessory Rail: 11mm dovetail
Weight: 9.25 lbs
Capacity: 8


The Gauntlet achieves these huge numbers of consistent, powerful shots from just one fill of its high capacity 13-cu. in. regulated tank. The built-in regulator delivers minimal FPS variation from shot-to-shot for long, flat shot strings this translates directly into outstanding accuracy for hunting, Field Target competition and just-for-fun plinking. This multi-shot repeater with an adjustable trigger uses easily loaded interchangeable 10-shot magazines for rapid bolt-action firing. One mag is supplied with the Gauntlet and additional magazines are available as accessories.



To maximize its accuracy capability, the Gauntlet is well-balanced and has integral standard dovetails for scope mounting. The easily adjustable stock comb is adjusted by the turn of a knob and locks into position for the ideal cheek weld, whatever your physique or optic choice. Target shooters will appreciate the included single shot tray for the ultimate in precision shooting. At 8.5 lbs, the Gauntlet is a comfortable air rifle both at the range or in the field. The stock’s integral studs allow a sling to be fitted for easy carrying on a hunt.


Product Details

Product Group: Air Rifles
Brand: Umarex
Caliber: .22 (5.5mm)
Ammo Type: Pellets
FPS w/Alloy Pellet: 1000 (.22)
Stock Material: Synthetic
Barrel Length: 28.5″
Overall Length: 46.75″
Accessory Rail: 11mm dovetail
Weight: 8.5 lbs
Capacity: 10, single shot option
Trigger: Adjustable, single stage
Air Flow: Regulated, non-adjustable
Mechanism: Pre-charged Pneumatic, bolt action
Manual: TBA